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March 07 2011

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Yeeeah New York City stylee! Footage from the race last weekend which was shot from the bikes of four of the racers. All four videos will be projected simultaneously on four separate screens at the next Bike Shorts next Sunday so go check that out.

For a full recap of the race, check out Prolly.

March 06 2011

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Tree Loves Bike — Bike Loves Tree

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Emma Johansson and Adrie Visser on the podium at Omloop van het Hageland - more fabulous photos here

1. Emma Johansson (Hitec UCK), 2. Adrie Visser (HTC), 3. Sjoukje Defoer (TopSport Vlaanderen)

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Emma Johansson winning Omloop van het Hageland, the first race of the Lotto Cycling Cup 2011

1. Emma Johanson (Hitec UCK), 2. Adrie Visser (HTC), 3. Sjouke Dufoer (TopSport Vlaanderen)

More fantastic photos here

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Tour of Murcia 2011

Alberto lifts up his jersey so Terry the eagle can breathe. It gets hot under a leader’s jersey you know.

I kid maybe.  This is Contador on the podium after taking the overall victory.  Despite the doping debacle, he’s obviously still in fine form.

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One more reason to get a bike…

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“The only thing I can’t wear are five-inch platforms—they scrape the street when going around corners too quickly. Four-inch platforms are fine though.”

Thanks Skirt! magazine and Margaret Pilarski for featuring me this month in their “Cycle Style” story.

And a big thanks to Alice Keeney for the great photos!

And to the Bicycle Shoppe for the prop bike.

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my next bike will be custom built  (by Vanilla Workshop)

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my next bike will be custom built (by Vanilla Workshop)

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my next bike will be custom built  (by Vanilla Workshop)

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my next bike will be custom built - what an awesome chainslap guard (by Vanilla Workshop)

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my next bike will be custom built (by Vanilla Workshop)

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my next bike will be custom built…the freaking waiting list is 5 years at Vanilla! (by Vanilla Workshop)

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my childs first bike will be custom built (by Vanilla Workshop)

lots of filler but the riding sections are pretty amazing. the bike control is insane. its also pretty amazing to watch a room (bar at that) full of people stand speachless watching danny macaskill ride.

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There is a 50 minute Strade Bianche highlight video on as well as the final few km. I’m falling in love with this race.  

(Photo via

+1.  If you’re looking to watch some racing, this is worth your time.

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Judith Arndt (via New 1° quinzaine Juin)

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